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Congratulations! You’re about to embark on a beautiful journey with your soon-to-arrive little bundle of joy. As a maternity and newborn photographer in Denver, CO, I understand the importance of capturing these precious & fleeting moments. In this ultimate guide to prepare your home and baby for your newborn photography session, I have curated a list of tips to ensure that both your baby and home are ready for this unforgettable experience.

General Newborn Photography Session Preparation

  1. Schedule the session in advance: Many photographers, including myself, recommend booking your newborn session during the first two weeks after the birth. This is when babies are sleepier and more likely to cooperate during posing sessions. Reach out to your photographer as soon as possible to secure a date.
  2. Communicate your preferences: Each photographer has their own style and aesthetic, so it is essential to have a discussion with them before the session. Share any specific poses or photos you have in mind. Don’t hesitate to bring samples or inspiration photos to ensure your vision aligns with the photographer’s style. Here at CSP, we specialize in an intimate and organic lifestyle newborn session. We like our newborn photos to look casual, like we are just there observing your family on a normal day. We love the authenticity of in-home newborn sessions, and like to preserve this fleeting season in a true-to-life way.

Home Preparation

  1. Create a comfortable environment: Newborns are sensitive to temperature, so it’s crucial to keep the room warm during the session. Set the thermostat to around 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure your little one remains cozy and comfortable throughout the shoot.
  2. Open all of the curtains or blinds to allow ample daylight into the room. At CSP, we photograph newborns using analogue film. This medium in particular needs A LOT of natural light. If it is an overcast day, we may recommend rescheduling.
  3. Declutter and tidy up your home: While your baby will be the center of attention in most of the photographs, some shots may include your home as a background. Take a few moments to declutter and tidy up the areas where the shoot will take place. Remove unnecessary items and create a clean and visually appealing space for your photographs.
  4. Often bedrooms or nurseries are the best rooms to tell the story of your newborn. If you have white linens for beds, these will photograph best. If you don’t have white, choose the lightest color sheets/bedspread you have.

Baby Preparation

  1. First off, be patient and flexible: Newborn sessions can be unpredictable as babies have their own schedules and moods. We are so used to that! I will work around your baby’s needs and ensure their comfort at all times. Be prepared for breaks and feeding sessions during the shoot, and trust that I’ll be able to capture stunning moments.
  2. Feed your baby before the session: A well-fed baby is a happy baby. Ensure your little one has a full tummy by feeding them just before the session begins. This will help keep them calm and content during the session.
  3. Dress your baby in loose clothing: To avoid any marks or indentations on your baby’s delicate skin, dress them in loose-fitting outfits before the session. Avoid clothes with tight elastic bands that could potentially leave marks. Additionally, consider button-up shirts or wrap-style outfits for easy access during diaper changes.
  4. Don’t worry about outfits/props: I will bring a white blanket, swaddle, diaper cover and Moses basket for you baby. However, if you have any personal items that hold sentimental value, let me know in advance. I will be happy to incorporate them into the shoot, ensuring an even more personalized touch.
  5. Relax and enjoy the experience: Welcoming a newborn into your family is not only joyful but also a little overwhelming. Remember to take a deep breath and enjoy these precious moments with your little one. Trust in your photographer’s expertise to capture the essence of your growing family while you cherish these heartwarming memories.

Ready For Your Newborn Photography Session?

There you have it, how to prepare your home and baby for your newborn session. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well-equipped to create a memorable and seamless experience. Remember, the most important aspect of the session is the bond and love you share with your baby. So, relax, embrace the moment, and let your photographer capture the magic of your growing family.

Chelsea Sliwa Photography is a maternity, newborn & family photographer in Denver serving Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, Colorado Springs and it’s surrounding areas and specializes in a full service photography experience starting with session planning and wardrobe, professional hair and makeup and creating heirloom quality albums and frames for her families to enjoy in their home. Chelsea Sliwa photography provides Denver maternity photography as well as Denver newborn photography.

Book your free consultation call here to see if CSP fits into your photo session vision.

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Newborn baby and mother on bed during newborn session
Baby and family walking downstairs during newborn session
newborn baby, mother and father on bed during newborn session
Baby, toddler, mother and father on bed during newborn session
newborn baby, mother and father in grass during newborn photography session
Baby, toddler, mother and father in grass during newborn session
newborn baby, mother and father in bed during newborn session
newborn baby, and mother during newborn session.
Baby, mother and father sitting in living room during newborn photography session.
Mother and baby outside newborn photography session
Newborn baby, mother and father outside holding hands during newborn session
Toddler and baby on blanket during newborn session.
Newborn baby, toddler and mother on blanket during newborn session.
newborn baby and mother during newborn session.
newborn baby, toddler on blanket during newborn session.
Mother, father and newborn during newborn session.
Mother walking down stairs with newborn.
newborn baby on blanket during newborn session.
Baby on blanket during photography session
Newborn baby and mother during newborn session.
Mother and baby on bed during newborn session.
Family in living room smiling.

Film: Fuji400 Pro H

Film Lab: Photovision Prints

Hair and Makeup: Sabrina Deemer

Mom’s Dress from the Client Wardrobe: Nothing Fits But

Toddler’s Dress from the Client Wardrobe: Nora Lee

Family photoshoot in Denver CO featuring mom, dad, toddler, and newborn baby.

The Ultimate Guide to Prepare Your Home and Baby for Your Newborn Photography Session

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mother and baby studio session

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