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Experience photography at it's finest: wardrobe, hair & makeup, with custom printing and framing.

DEnver Lifestyle Photographer
for Families & Brands

Memories preserved,
Brands Elevated

It's Time To Get Your Photos Off OF Your Phone
& Into Your Hands!

There's just nothing that can replace being able to touch, see, and enjoy your printed images in your home. In fact, what's even the point of paying for family photos if you're just going to let your digital files pile up on your hard drive? With my custom photography sessions, you won't just get breathtaking photos. You'll also get curated artwork and printed photographs to enjoy every day. Without any of the hassle.

Hey There, I'm Chelsea

When my first son came along - I planned maternity, newborn, 6-month, and one-year photography sessions. By the time my second son came - I still hadn't done anything with my firstborn's photos.

And I’m a photographer!

Finally, I decided enough was enough. I searched online and found beautiful heirloom albums, frames, and prints to display in our home. Now our family's story decorates our walls and fills albums we constantly flip through together. 

If you're ready to experience the joy of having perfectly preserved memories line your walls and enchant albums, I'm here to help!

Denver Lifestyle Photographer and Mother of 2

minute is how long it'll take you to feel comfortable in front of my lens.



boys light up my life: my husband Kyle & my two sons Luke and Isaac.


cameras come with me to each session; a film camera & a digital camera.

Your Photos Deserve a Place in Your Home

Not sure what to wear? Don't sweat it! I've created an exclusive client closet with wardrobe options for your entire family.

Not sure how to do your hair or makeup? No problem! My makeup artist and hairstylist will come to your home and make you look and feel like a million bucks.

Not sure what to do with your pictures? Say no more. I'll create professional artwork, albums, and prints that perfectly fit into your home.

There is no better time than the present to fill your space with tangible photographs that make your heart sing.

I know from experience how hectic life can be. One minute you've got all the time in the world - the next minute, you're a mom or business owner with multiple responsibilities trying not to forget to eat lunch. 


With years of experience, I know how to make you look and feel confident in front of the camera. Through gentle direction, I'll capture pictures that reflect your family's story with ease and intention. 

Using analogue film, I'll capture the beauty of your family with an artful eye, showcasing true-to-life colors and radiant light. My focus is on more than just your smiling faces, but the curls in your toddler's hair, the dimpled knuckles of your newborn, and the way your eyes light up when you're looking at them.

It's time to simplify photography sessions! With transparent pricing, a client wardrobe, professional hair & makeup, and custom-designed albums & prints, I'll make it easy for you to get beautiful, tangible images in your hands that'll be cherished for generations.

Why Hire Chelsea Sliwa Photography?

An Effortless yet Elevated Photography experience




My photographic style honors the beauty of family by capturing yours with an artful eye for an elevated elegance. I specialize in true-to-life color and that dreamy film quality that will make your images look more like paintings than photographs. My focus is on more than just your smiling faces, but the curls in your toddler's hair, the dimpled knuckles of your newborn and the way your eyes light up when you're looking at them. Each gallery tells the full story, from the tiniest details, to the whole family, smiling together. 

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Elevated elegance

Why Hire Chelsea Sliwa Photography?

You've got a thousand things on your plate from dinner, doctors appointments to dishes. Rest assured that I am devoted to taking the guesswork out of your family photography. Transparent pricing, a client wardrobe, professional hair & makeup, and custom designed albums & framed prints. I believe wholeheartedly in the necessity of tangible photographs for you and your family to enjoy for generations. That's why I make it almost too easy to get beautiful images that live on your walls, not just your camera roll. 

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Sophisticated simplicity

Why Hire Chelsea Sliwa Photography?

Sophisticated Simplicity

Jen, 2020 Bride

"Chelsea is the master at discreetly capturing those magical, hidden moments that are reminders of how special and important life is." 

"magical, hidden moments . . ."

ARiana, 2019 Mom to be

"She makes being in front of the camera feel so natural and comfortable. Our photos came out gorgeous. She’s got such an eye! If I were you, I wouldn’t hesitate to book her for your next special occasion."

"Beyond expectations!"

Jamie & Jonah, 2022 Couple

"From start to finish, Chelsea was such a pleasure to work with. She gave us so much confidence in our investment for photos that we will cherish for a lifetime. Our photos turned out so natural and stunning. We constantly get told that they should be in a magazine! 

"Photos that should be in a magazine! "

Why I love film Photography 
and you will, too.

Film cameras capture images on light-sensitive paper, resulting in a nostalgic, dreamy aesthetic.

The images are warm, with softness and grain that add emotional character. Even mundane moments feel special on film.

Each shot is a surprise, a blend of light and chemistry - reminiscent of classic fine artistry. This is why it’s known as a luxury medium for capturing portraits on. 

I photograph my clients with medium format film. Yes, like the old rolls of film your Grandparents used.


Art, music, architecture, people. you name it. There is such timeless beauty and wisdom in the aging.

All things old

The mountains return to us the gifts of wonder and astonishment which is so easily stolen by our modern world. 

The Mountains

My husband & two sons are my everything. They show me what love is each and every day and allow me to see it and capture it in my client's families with ease.

My Family

My faith is the foundation of my life. God’s grace, mercy, and love sustain my marriage, my creativity and my business.


My Favorite Things


Are you building your photography business and feeling a bit. . . stuck? I've been there, done that, and can help!

The truth is...

Get the support, clarity, and direction to build your dream photography business with 1:1 coaching custom to you!

FOR Photographers



You don't have to DIY.

Your first impression matters

Hey business owner! I see you. Working hard to build your brand and craving images that attract those high-end *dream* clients. 

Here's the thing...

If you're ready to build an elevated brand with a professional photography that tells your unique story, then I'm the photographer for you. 

Feeling like you just found YouR photographer?

Experience the Chelsea Sliwa Photography difference for yourself! 

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