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When it comes to getting your photographs off of your hard drive and into your hands, there are a lot of options to choose from. If you want your images to be showcased in a timeless, yet fresh way, this list of 5 creative ways to display your photos will get you there in no time.

A Velvet Heirloom Album

This is not your average photo album. This show-stopping velvet album is just about the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! Handcrafted with archival materials and flushmount, thick pages, this album will draw people in as it sits on your console table or built-in shelves. It’s just the perfect amount of timeless with a little bit of unique with that velvet cover, coming in beige, charcoal, navy or forest green. I think it might be my favorite of these 5 Creative Ways to Display Your Photos.

white velvet photo album
white velvet photo album
white velvet photo albums
white velvet photo albums
white velvet photo albums

A Matted Print Box

A matted print box is the most versatile of the 5 Creative Ways to Display Your Photos. Designed for an intimate, frame-by-frame viewing experience, and handcrafted using premium linen, this method of displaying your family photos is perfect for anyone. The matted prints can be stored in the heirloom box, displayed on an easel, or framed for the wall. It’s the elevated way to do individual prints.

matted print box
5 Creative Ways to Display Your Photos
5 Creative Ways to Display Your Photos
linen matted print box

A Gallery Wall

This is where we can really let our creativity out. A custom framed gallery wall is perfect for the family who just couldn’t choose one photo to frame and who loves for their images to be front and center in their daily life. You get to choose how many images, what size, what type of frame, and how big of a mat. Every bit of it is custom made for you in the USA. I love creating custom framed gallery walls for my clients because it truly is custom to their home and their family — and all of their visitors gush over them!

Four prints in white oak frames over changing table in nursery
5 Creative Ways to Display Your Photos
5 Creative Ways to Display Your Photos
5 Creative Ways to Display Your Photos

A Glass & gold box

A clean, dainty and fresh take on 5 Creative Ways to Display Your Photos. A glass and gold box filled with your favorite family photos is the perfect way to accent those smaller spaces with personal touches. Your coffee table, guest room dresser, or entry table are all perfect places to add a little glimmer of your family’s story.

5 Creative Ways to Display Your Photos

A large statement piece

The last on our list of 5 creative ways to display your family photos is a big take on the classic, single family photo. For the one unicorn photo of everyone smiling at the camera, the statement piece goes great in a custom-framed silver or gold ornate frame over the mantle or dining table. I love these pieces for the family who likes a more classic show-stopper. Your neighbors will wonder where in the world you got such a stunning frame!

tarnished silver frame corners
silver frame corners
gold frame corners


Hopefully this list of 5 Creative Ways to Display Your Photos inspired you to think about how you want to enjoy your photographs. If you want to get your images off of your hard drives, and into your hands, reach out here. You could have a gallery wall or an heirloom album in no time at all with my help! Don’t forget to follow along on Instagram to see more of the heirloom products I offer.

linen matted print box with 10x10 matted print

5 Creative Ways to Display Your Photos

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