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Whether you’re planning for your engagement session, a bridal session, a family session or your wedding day – these 5 steps will have you looking incredible in photos – every time.

1 Dress it up!

Take it from me, and Hollywood — dresses look best. Pants are great for a casual look, but dresses have a way of complimenting the female figure that simply can’t be matched. They also look amazing in photos! Take the Red Carpet as evidence — you don’t see many celebrities strutting down the Red Carpet in pants. They bring movement and freshness to every photo. They simply make you look great!

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2 Hair and Makeup

Professional hair and makeup is a go-to for most of my clients as it looks incredible on camera and BONUS — you don’t have to stress about getting yourself ready or if it will turn out OK.

Whether it’s lash extensions or a blow-out, professional hair and makeup will give you an extra boost of confidence in front of the camera and it always photographs like a dream. If you’re working with a makeup artist, be sure to have them apply it in natural light, if possible, so that it looks fresh and not too heavy. After all, we want to true beauty of you to shine through! Makeup is meant to enhance, not to mask!

dallas wedding makeup

3 Work them angles

The cardinal rule of posing is this: whatever you put closest to the camera will look the largest. So choose wisely! Leaning your head and shoulders towards the camera and turning your body at a 45 degree angle will make you look your best. While you bring your head forward, make sure your chin is tilted slightly downward to accentuate your jawline.

To ensure your arms don’t look bigger than they are, create some space in between your arms and your torso. You’d be amazed at how much of a difference this tip makes!

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4 Laughter is the best medicine

Tap into those true emotions! Nothing photographs better than your true smile. So try to think of a fond memory or something that makes you laugh.

If you’re getting your photos taken, asks the photographer or someone with you to tell you something funny or make you laugh. There is truly nothing more beautiful than your authentic laugh — so do what you’ve got to do to let it out!

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5 Lights, please!

This is a biggie, guys. You can check off steps 1-4, but if you don’t have good lighting, it is all for naught. Soft, even light without harsh shadows will showcase you in all your beauty. Shadows or bright light spots can make you look like you have imperfections that you simply do not have. They also distract from the the subject — you!

If you want outdoor photos, try your best to take them the hour after sunrise or the hour before sunset. This will give you that soft, dreamy light you see in professional photographers portfolios. If you are shooting indoors, face the window or another light source to achieve soft, even lighting on the face. You’ll be looking your best in no time, flat!

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I’d love to see the results after you’ve followed these 5, fool-proof ways to looking incredible in photos! Tag me in your photos so I can see!


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